The world of social media is a hard place to hang around today. Millions of people voted yesterday and most of them have extreme reactions to the outcome. Emotions are running higher than they were before the election. Fear, hatred, anxiety, and disgust intermix with relief, love, excitement, and pride. I wrote a post four years ago with my response to Barrack Obama’s reelection. Not much has changed since then. There are sore losers and sore winners. Some people seem to have put themselves in the shoes of the candidates and don’t know how to appropriately respond to the results.

I understand what you are feeling if you voted for Hillary Clinton, and I can relate to you if you voted for a third-party candidate. I get it if you chose not to vote because you could not bear to vote for someone you don’t agree with. You may have wanted someone else to represent you from the primaries. You might have even been backing Donald Trump for the past eighteen months. I’ve been through all of those kinds of scenarios since I started voting. You might say that the stakes are so much higher this time around, but I the stakes have always been high. That’s what keeps people coming back to vote every two or four years.

Can I pose a few questions to you? Does voicing your feelings about the election to the online world help you escape the broken world that we all find ourselves in? Do the agreeing comments make you feel better about your emotions or decision? What kind of effects do negative comments have on you?

If you are celebrating right now, I will celebrate with you. If you are mourning, I too will mourn. The potential of what may come in the next four years might bring you fear. I will listen and offer what I can to comfort you. I love you regardless of who you voted for, what your sexual preference is, your nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

The following is that post from four years ago. I read it again on Monday, and I want to share the last two paragraphs again. The names and times are changed to match our current election results, but the sentiment is the same.

Politics Aside: Leaders Will Lead

I do not think it is healthy to act and respond like the result of this election is the beginning of the downfall of America. I sincerely doubt that President Obama President-elect Trump will destroy our country over the course of another four-year term. At the same time, I get equally frustrated with the gloating of those who voted for Obama Trump. There are sore losers and sore winners. Neither approach brings about good. Social issues become more polarized, arguing elevates to fighting, and any kind of thoughtful discourse is defenestrated until both side calm down and decide to act in a civil manner.

I plan to pray for our president, just as I have done over the past four years and the terms before that. I will respect his leadership and the decisions that are made in our government. I will voice my opinion when appropriate, and glorify God through it. I will not use my opinion as a soapbox to gain reputation or popularity. I will obey the laws of our land unless they go against the laws of God. I will not judge those who disagree with me, but rather accept them as they are and try to show the love of Christ though my actions. If problems arise I will not cast blame, but rather pray for The Holy Spirit guide our leaders to solutions.

Will you join me?

If you need or want to talk, I’m here. I can listen to you if you feel like no one else hears you. If you feel lost in the brokenness of this world, I can show you restoration beyond anything that an elected official can offer. If you want healing and restoration in America, humble yourself, seek God, and join me in prayer.