Politics Aside: Leaders Will Lead

I voted. The candidate that I voted for did not win, and I was frustrated about that for a short time, but I’m over it. President Obama will be the leader of our nation for another four years and I will support him as our leader. I don’t agree with all of his policies, but I also do not believe our nation is going straight to hell with him at the helm for another term.

Here is my thought process: I voted for who better lined up with my convictions. No matter who is president, I serve The One who is higher than him. When issues that I care about come up for vote, I will let my congressmen know where I stand and trust that they vote according to what is best for our state. I probably won’t agree with every decision that our leaders make, but until they try to make me personally go against God, I must respect their decisions.

God raises up leaders. We, as a nation, play a major part in bringing people to power in America. Once the decision is made, we must remember that our God is King regardless of who we elect as president. Many of my friends who voted for Romney had similar responses today, and I think that it is healthy to find comfort in God as our ultimate leader.

I do not think it is healthy to act and respond like the result of this election is the beginning of the downfall of America. I sincerely doubt that President Obama will destroy our country over the course of another four-year term. At the same time, I get equally frustrated with the gloating of those who voted for Obama. There are sore losers and sore winners. Neither approach brings about good. Social issues become more polarized, arguing elevates to fighting, and any kind of thoughtful discourse is defenestrated until both side calm down and decide to act in a civil manner.

I plan to pray for our president, just as I have done over the past four years and the terms before that. I will respect his leadership and the decisions that are made in our government. I will voice my opinion when appropriate, and glorify God through it. I will not use my opinion as a soapbox to gain reputation or popularity. I will obey the laws of our land unless they go against the laws of God. I will not judge those who disagree with me, but rather accept them as they are and try to show the love of Christ though my actions. If problems arise I will not cast blame, but rather pray for The Holy Spirit guide our leaders to solutions.

Will you join me?

love GOD, love others (matthew 22:36-40), make disciples (matthew 28:19-20), speak the truth in love (ephesians 4:15).

2 thoughts on “Politics Aside: Leaders Will Lead

  1. Adam

    You can pray all you want, and stand by your leader, however, Obama is waiting for the country to fail, so he can blame is on capitalism, even if government caused it, because he´s not a capitalist, he more of a socialist, and he wants to remake the American economy following that ideology. He wants to follow Karl Marks, he doesn’t want to follow Adam Smith- In fact, one of the things the President said in the debate that was very disturbing was, when he talked about wanting the wealthy to pay more taxes. Obama, attributed their doing well do the fact that they live in such a great country. But what about their doing well because they deserve it, they work hard, they put in long hours, their smart, their creative, they earn their wealth. Not that, ” hey, they just got lucky….they caught a break….They happened to live in the great country they got RICH” ….If that’s the case than, why isn’t everybody and anybody rich? If all you have to do is live in America and you’ll be rich, why isn’t anybody poor?

    Maybe the people who have succeeded have done something to merit that success?
    And of course from my perspective, most people who I know who achieve success in America, did so despite the government – not because of it, they were overcoming all the OBSTACLES, and BARRIERS, that government put in their path. Government didn’t help them, government was an hindrance, and, when you’re saying that they have to give back by paying more taxes, overlooks the fact that accumulating their wealth, they contributed more to society than what they contributed by paying more taxes. After all, when you get rich in America, how do you do that? You figure out a way to satisfy the desire and needs of consumers, your customers. You enrich peoples life’s, by providing them with goods and services that they VALUE MORE than the money that they used to pay for, and in the process you create jobs. So as an entrepreneur you enrich society by combining resources, and creating value. Maybe you combine a dollar worth or resources, and you create a $1.50 worth of value, and some of it becomes your profit, but that is what benefits society, not the fact that they pay taxes to the government….and the government blows the money. In fact the more money we leave in the hands of the entrepreneurs that earned it the stronger the economy is going to be, the more wealth we are going to create, the higher our standards of living will be, the more jobs that are going to be created in the process. The last thing you want to do is take money out of the hands of hardworking entrepreneurs, who might otherwise would of invested in growing the economy, and instead, send it to Washington so the bureaucrats can squander it on things like Solyndra.

  2. Adam

    Solar power is good, and I am not complaining about the green agenda when I referenced Solyndra. The Solyndra scandel was just an example that I made about the Governments inability to make good decisions.

    Solyndra took 535 million dollars of tax payer money, and filed Bankruptcy last September that left you and every body else on the line to repay. That’s why I made the point.

    It would be great for everybody to pay the same percentage, that’s the Rick Perry plan!

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