Writer's Block

I Need A Writer’s Block

I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve written. I’ve journaled off and on, written “net outs” (one page book reports) for class, rewrote a couple of messages, and plenty of texts and emails over the past six months, but haven’t written anything else. I have not blogged. I have not even looked at the book I started. I haven’t written any new songs or even one line of lyrics. You could say it is a moment of writer’s block. But it is a different kind of writer’s block that has been missing from the equation.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, or thought about doing those things. I just haven’t been struck with inspiration when the time has been available. When the time has been available, I haven’t had the motivation to write. Right now, I have the time and the motivation, but little inspiration.

I used to block out time to focus on writing. Like anything else in my life, if I am not intentional about the time I want to devote to it, the time just does not exist. If I am not intentional about using that time to focus on what I intend, the intentions never turn into action.

Forcing myself to write again is going to start shallow. This post is a testament to that. But as I develop a routine, my writing will go deeper. It’s been the same way in other parts of my life. Restarting my time in Scripture or prayer after dry seasons have been similar. Prayers were nothing more than requests with a little bit of seeking GOD sprinkled in. Reading the Bible was a task to accomplish. But soon, prayers became more about being in tune with GOD and the leading of The HOLY SPIRIT. Experiencing HIM moment by moment. HIS WORD moved from a task to a desire. Knowledge, wisdom, truth, and life poured from the passages into my life.

I love to write. So I am setting up a writer’s block so that I can move past writer’s block back to the deeper kind of writing that I enjoy. New songs will be written. More chapters will be birthed. Writing will flow as GOD gives me inspiration.

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