I am by no means a mechanic, but I do try to save money when I can. Sometimes it ends up costing me more in the long run like time I replaced the ABS sensor in my Pilot and damaged the bearing in the process. Then there was the time that I did the exact same thing on the other side. You’d think I would have learned the first time.

A couple things I can do well without paying someone to do the work for me are changing brakes, lights, and oil. Both my wife’s car and mine were in need of oil changes, and so I picked up the proper oil and filters and got to work. This is generally not a long process, and I was done with my wife’s car in no time flat. In the past, her’s has been more difficult because of where the oil filter is located. The first time I changed the oil in her car, it took over an hour to get the oil filter off. Since then, I purchased an oil filter wrench and it has been a breeze.

Making It Harder For Myself

Today, however, it was my car that was giving me problems. The last time I had the oil changed in my car, it was the dead of winter and the extra cost of having someone else do the work was worth it to me. I had forgotten that they tend to over-tighten the oil filter, but it shouldn’t have mattered since I have that handy oil filter wrench. The problem is that our oil filters are not the same size, and the wrench does not fit the filter for my car.

After struggling with it for over an hour, I finally hammered a screwdriver through the side of the filter and used that to torque the filter off of the car. If I had had the right tool for the job, it would have been a breeze. It’s really not that hard to change oil in a vehicle.

Tools For Sharing Your Faith

Likewise, it’s not hard to do things that Jesus instructed us to do before He went to be with The Father. Making disciples is not a job for only well-trained theologians and pastors. When we leave it to the professionals, we don’t get the practice that makes it easier for us to do it. Every follower of Christ can, and should make disciples, and we all have at least the basic tools necessary to do it.

Everyone has a story. Your story of coming to faith in Jesus Christ is one of the most powerful tools you have to make disciples. If you think that your faith is not strong enough, start sharing your story with the people you already have relationships with and watch how your faith increases.

There are plenty of other tools available to make sharing The Gospel easier, but that doesn’t mean we have to have them all before we start. Just like when I started changing my own oil, we all have the right tools to at least get started. As we continue to share our faith stories and The Gospel of Jesus Christ, we might pick up other tools that help us become more effective; but actually doing it is what makes it easier.