Power Struggle

Power Struggle

We have, all of us, a power problem, and I’ve only touched on a few of the different forms power problems can take. Still, one of the common factors found in many of our issues with power may stem from the reality that we may have evolved to the point where our technologically advanced societies simply assume that the power to do what we want to do is an inalienable right, both individually and politically. Recently I was teaching in a classroom when the power was interrupted, and we lost the use of the digital projector for my PowerPoint slides. My students immediately assumed our class would need to be canceled. It didn’t occur to anyone, including me, that we could simply walk outside, sit together in the shade of the campus courtyard, and continue our discussions. Which is exactly what someone eventually suggested, and we did just that. It ended up being a wonderful afternoon. But I think our initial, knee-jerk reaction revealed something of an unconscious dependence on material/ physical power to accomplish everything we desire to achieve in our lives. We’re losing our imagination of how things can be accomplished in our world and in our lives. Heaven has an altogether different power plant and distribution system, and we would greatly benefit from learning how to plug into its grid as soon as possible.

Gary Black Jr, Preparing For Heaven

That idea of losing our imagination struck me in a way that I could not ignore. I like to think of myself as a creative person, thinking outside of the box to solve problems. But, how often have I recently just looked for what other have done so that I could duplicate instead of create?

Is it the nonstop nature of our society that has stifled my creativity? Is it lack of margin in my life that has me focused on quantitative results rather than passion and artistry?

Tapping Into Power

I can identify moments when I have tapped into that power of heaven that Black is referring to. What I do or say in those moments is not simply my power, but the power of the presence of God working through me. Sometimes these moments are confirmed by others who encounter His power as well. Other times it is just for me to personally draw near to Him.

Those moments often start as an idea that I’m not entirely sure about. They are rarely normal, and I generally can’t compare notes on the idea, but I know I’m in line with seeking The Kingdom of God and His righteousness. They are also always in moments where there is no agenda or thing to accomplish. There’s a space to create and a focus on The Creator. Often I am simply asking Him to show me His glory.

I have noticed that the strongest or most powerful of these moments occur in an atmosphere of humility. When I thinkof myself less, not trying to steal the spotlight or prove myself as the alpha in the room, and simply offer what I have, I allow that power to flow through me rather than just to me.

Imagine Again

I long for more of those moments. It’s not about me, but about encountering the power and presence of God. I want to go from glory to glory so that it’s not just moments any more. I want to experience God with other people so that they will draw closer to Him. To see Pentecost break out again in our generation would change the world. I want to be a part of that.

What were the disciples doing when Pentecost happened? They gathered together. They were praying. Can we make that our priority in the midst of our jobs, kids’ sports, responsibilities, and attachment to technology? What would happen if we gathered with other followers of Christ daily to seek God in prayer? Imagine what God would do with that kind of commitment. If we seek Him, we will see His Kingdom come. We will see His will done on earth—in our lives—as it is in heaven.

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