Nobody is perfect. We’ve heard it before and maybe even said it a few times. I’ve been thinking about how we tend to compare what we do wrong to others, almost justifying ourselves. We say, “At least I’m not that bad,” and continue on in what we know is wrong. I’ve used the example of speeding in the past, and it is an excellent example here. I may be going 70 in a 55 zone, but at least I’m not going 85 like all those cars passing me. Have you ever rationalized something that you knew was wrong when you saw someone else even more in the wrong? At least I’m not that bad.

We all have a tendency to do what we want the way we want to do it. It’s human nature. We might make sacrifices from time to time, but we generally try to get our way or do what we want every chance we can. And we rationalize away the guilt by comparing to others. Why is half the carton of ice cream gone? At least I didn’t eat it all like the lady on The Biggest Loser. Why are you looking at porn? A least I’m not having an affair like the guy down the street. How many drinks have you had tonight? At least I’m not driving. I’m not that bad.

The thing is, we are all on a level playing field. It goes back to that first sentence. Nobody is perfect. So you might say, “I’m not that bad,” but it doesn’t matter because you are not perfect. Jesus Christ is the only person to ever be perfect, and he said that being angry at others and tearing them down verbally is enough to face judgement like someone who murders. He goes on to say that looking at someone with lust is having an affair in your heart. “I’m not that bad,” doesn’t cut it. Those things are that bad.

Thank God For Grace

We talked about this question in small group last night: How would you answer someone if they asked why you are a Christian. There were a lot of different, yet similar answers, but one of the keys to everyone was the forgiveness and grace that we have received through Jesus Christ. We have all messed up in life, and even though I might feel like I’m not that bad, I know that even the seemingly little things matter. But by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, I know that I am completely forgiven of every thing I have ever done wrong. That means that I can experience the presence of God for eternity.

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