Endless Possibilities

Too Many Choices
I don't see a sign for home...

Do you ever feel like you have too many options? I think the people that struggle with knowing what they should do with their life either have too many possibilities or no options, and are more likely to be a part of that first group. This can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you are insanely talented at 8 billion things or you just like to do 8 billion things. Maybe you are the picture of ADD and the thought of doing just one thing is incomprehensible.

I’ve blogged about having to say no a couple times, so I think it’s obvious that I am trying to understand what my future will look like. I have been blessed with a lot of talent in a lot of different things. Sometime I have to work at it, but a lot of what I do seems to come naturally to me. You might think that being talented in a lot of different things would give me the opportunity to do any thing I want, but it’s actually difficult to do what I want to do sometimes because my other talents are often be needed more.

Grass is Greener
Maybe you need some fertilizer.

When you pair ADD tendencies with multiple talents it can be difficult to settle into a particular role, even if you really enjoy it.When there’s an annoyance, frustration, or problem that affects you, other roles that seem to fit your talent set begin to look better. The “grass is greener” mentality creeps in and you get restless. If you noticed your lawn was looking a little brown and your neighbor’s yard was perfectly green, would you move? I doubt it. If you really wanted to have a better lawn, you’d fertilize it and tend to it until it looked good again.


I’m not saying that having opportunities to move on to other things in your life is a bad thing. I just think that if it’s not clear what you should do, you might already be doing what you should be doing. Another possibility is that it’s not the right time to move on yet.

1 thought on “Endless Possibilities

  1. Andrew LaMarca says:

    I completely agree, people are often asking me what my plans are for collage and I honestly have to answer that I don’t know. I also have plenty of talents but God has not shown me which to pursue so I am simply waiting patiently with my current job. So often people seem to rush off to collage thinking that they know exactly what they want to do before asking God if it is the right path for them. People need to understand that if they allow God to completely guide them he will light the path that is right for us, it may not always be the easy path, or the path we think is best, but it is the path that God will be able to work the most threw us and still provide everything we need.


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