This past weekend, one of our younger worship leaders shared part of his testimony before leading the song “Surrender.”  In that moment, he said something that struck me and has been hitting me ever since.  He used to be in love with worshiping God.  The reason I emphasize ‘used to’ is because of the realization that he was in love with worshiping our Creator instead of being in love our Creator Himself.

I realized yesterday on my way home that I had been the same way for a while.  I was only half-loving God, and from there I was in an almost constant state of frustration because I did not have the opportunities that I thought I should to do what I really love.  This is probably where my dissatisfaction came from in my job.  Recently (over the past year) I have started to move into the right mind and heart of loving God rather than the music I sing to Him.  It wasn’t until I really thought about what that worship leader said that I realized what I was doing and made a conscious decision to change my attitude.

I am glad that I am still young in ministry because it only took a word from a peer for me to make a conscious decision towards a deep change.  Many ministers get to a point of being full-time church workers and part-time Christians.  I know it is common in ministry, and often leads to burn-out.  Where have you stopped short of loving God?  What do you have to do (or have you done) to get back to the heart of worship, loving God.