course corrections

Course Corrections

The first course correction came when i left my job of fourteen years at the end of january to embark on a new journey that I felt GOD was calling me on. I heard HIM call me, and i’ve continued to hear HIM call me since my early years in high school. There were seasons of my life when things weren’t panning out that i began to doubt. I even got to the point of telling myself that i made up that story in high school because i wanted to be something that i wasn’t. But even then, GOD never stopped calling me.

The second course correction came five months later when it became increasingly clear that i was not going to stay in the place that i left my old job for. The excitement had faded and i had lost my traction trying to push through issues that i was not originally aware of. Both my wife and i, as well as trusted friends, recognized that it was time to change again, but this time i didn’t have a new job waiting for me.

For the first time since i joined the workforce, i was unemployed. We had some savings stored up to help us for a little while, but it wouldn’t last long. I was able to find some small jobs like painting, web design, and the layout of an ebook, but there was nothing steady. We still trusted GOD. We’ve been through lean seasons before and HE always provided for us. How could we expect anything less from HIM now?

it took that second course correction to find myself right where GOD wanted me. Humbled and ready. I was presented with an opportunity that i might not have entertained if i were still in either of the past two positions, and that opportunity is turning out to be my dream job. It hasn’t officially started yet, so i will not be sharing any details here yet, but i am excited to be right where GOD had planned all along.

When i look back at my life to this point, i see that GOD has been preparing me every step of the way. HE has blessed me with talents that went untapped for long seasons of my life. HE allowed my family to go through lean financial seasons so that we could learn to keep our hope and trust in HIM. HE setup divine appointments that would turn into lasting friendships, and those friendships became opportunities.

GOD is sovereign, and HE provides my every need. So thank you GOOD GOOD FATHER for being WHO YOU ARE. Thank you JESUS for ransoming me to THE FATHER. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT for drawing me to JESUS and filling me with the same power that conquered the grave. I am YOUR humble servant and i am loved by YOU. That’s who i am.

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