A Prayer of Spiritual Awakening


You are wondrous. Your marvelous love goes beyond what human language can describe, yet I still know it deeper than understanding allows. Let Your Kingdom be know in the Name of Jesus and let Your plan unfold in my life. Open heaven and show me Your glory.

I know that You provide my every need. Let me not worry about what I do not have. I trust Your timing in all things. Forgive my mess. I know that You’ve already cleaned it up through the blood of Jesus. Help me to break the cycles of sin in my life and to forgive those whom I need to forgive.

Heal the areas of my heart that have atrophied or hardened and fill me with The Holy Spirit. Let Your fire burn through me and your fruit come forth. May the words of my mouth proclaim Your magnificent goodness and draw people to Your heart. In The Name of Jesus, let the lost be found, the deaf hear, and the blind see.

Fill me with Your power and love. Let me see people healed by the blood of Jesus. Speak Your truth through me by the power of The Holy Spirit. Break strongholds in The Name of Jesus and destroy the chains of addiction. I declare that Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Enhabit my worship. May Your presence be know as I praise Your Name. Shake the earth with Your love and power as I give you honor and let Your Name be glorified. I want to see You.

Your people long for Your embrace. We yearn for a fresh encounter with You. Lead us into Your presence and give us a unified heart to worship You in spirit and in truth. Break open the box that we’ve tried to put You in and let Your wonder shine.

Awaken us to the plan You have for us. Let a new day break across the horizon and shine Your light throughout our circles of influence. Show us Your glory in all of Your splendor so that we may reflect it in full to everyone we encounter. Ignite a fire that completely consumes us.

Take hold of everything that does not belong and cast it away Replace it with Your Spirit. Let love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control flow from within us to awaken others to Your love.

May the greater things that You promised come to be, and nations come to faith in You. Send Your Spirit to plant faith in the hearts of the faithless. Bring hope to the hopeless. Give us all wisdom and a renewed hunger for You. Let us dream dreams and see visions. Put a new song in our hearts and draw near to us as we draw near to You.

Yours is The Kingdom.

Yours is The Power.

Yours is The Glory.



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