Still Working On It

So my plan has been to wake up early to spend 30 minutes in Scripture, devotions, journaling, and prayer. It has been two days and I still have not been able to get myself out of bed early. I’ve still accomplished my 30 minute goal later in the day on both occasions, but I am getting frustrated with my morning routine. I tried going to bed earlier, but I am such a snooze addict that it hasn’t helped. Maybe I should revisit the routine that I tried to start a while ago. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I would probably sleep all day if given the opportunity. In my devotional for today, J.I Packer writes about going back to the old ways where God used to work in my life. Sometimes new alternatives are nothing but empty wells. While I want to apply that here, I know that I cannot. I want to experience God on a deeper level than I ever have in the past and I think it starts with a new well (this 30 minute commitment). I’m not worried yet about my failure to wake up early, but I do hope to overcome that hurdle soon. Even though I have continued in my habit of snoozing, the time I’ve spent in The Word and devotions has been great the past couple days. It’s not like the time I made a resolution to get through the entire Bible in a year. I am actually growing and seeing where I need to apply what I am reading to my life. I think if I could actually do this first thing in the morning, it would affect how my days turn out. As I journal, some of what I write will end up here on the blog while other writings will remain in my new journal. Today I want to share part of my prayer in response to 1 John 2.

Show me Your ways Lord. Teach me to turn to You in the face of distraction and temptation. Guide my heart back to You when I falter. I want display Your holiness and be wholly Yours.

love GOD, love others (matthew 22:36-40), make disciples (matthew 28:19-20), speak the truth in love (ephesians 4:15).

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