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In The Darkroom

An open journal entry after preaching all weekend. This is real life. You are not alone in your suffering or struggles. … Continue readingIn The Darkroom


Holy Is Your Name

I am captivated by the fact that the Bible does not record the disciples asking Jesus to teach them anything other than how to pray. … Continue readingHoly Is Your Name

Mountain Road

Seeing Is Only Part Of Getting There

I had an idea of what my calling might be as early as middle school. Over the years, that idea morphed but never shifted away from vocational ministry. I received a clear picture of pastoral ministry, but an open door to take a step into that calling did not come until two years later. … Continue readingSeeing Is Only Part Of Getting There


Prayer Is Incredibly Important

Our culture teaches us to only rely on ourselves and limit our trust. Prayer is the opposite. When we pray, we are putting our trust and reliance on God. … Continue readingPrayer Is Incredibly Important

joyful child

The Desires of Your Heart

What do we desire when we are delighting in The Lord? We desire more of Him and what He desires. Psalm 37 is all about trusting God and aligning with His will. … Continue readingThe Desires of Your Heart


Water and Wine

It might seem insignificant, but the water jars in John 2 were the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing. Small details that might seem insignificant remain in Scripture for a reason. … Continue readingWater and Wine

sun through a tree

It’s Monday

What if we committed to declare freedom that The Gospel brings? Resurrection power is here today, just as much as it was yesterday and every day since Jesus raised to life that first Easter. We share in His glory, not for our own sake, but in order to have the power to proclaim life and truth to the world. … Continue readingIt’s Monday


Mercy and Grace

Grace comes with purpose. It’s time we stop living as merely forgiven people, and start living as agents of Living Hope, filled with grace. … Continue readingMercy and Grace


The Shoes We Wear

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people?” (Galatians 1:10). The impressions that others have of us matter because everything about us should point to Jesus Christ. In the age of social media and instant publicity, this becomes increasingly difficult. … Continue readingThe Shoes We Wear

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