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Simple Reminders

There is a gathering of men who are pursuing God that meets every Tuesday night at The Bride Church. The name might be deceiving because they are not all tradesmen. Craftsmen for Christ meets every week to worship, dig into the Word of God, and encourage each other as we fellowship together. After worship through song this week, one of the gentlemen who never misses a week made a comment like this: As I sing the lyrics of songs like How Great Thou Art, I wish I had the kind of relationship with God that would produce those kinds of

O God You Reign

Let Your Kingdom reign in meCleanse my heart and make me cleanLike the rising of the sun Your glory shines for all to see I want to worship at Your feetMy life a fragrant offering Like the finest of perfumes I pour it out to You my King O God You reign O God You reign Let Your glory shine in me In Your light the darkness flees Like the dawn of a new day Your grace has let this blind man see I want to worship at Your feet Humbled to know that You’re with me There’s a stirring


There Really Is One World

Eighteen years have passed. I still have vivid memories of the events as they unfolded on TV. My perspective of the world forever changed that day. A lot of people turned to God on 9.11.01. Many others questioned how He could allow something like that to even happen. As for me, my love for mankind and empathy for others grew exponentially. … Continue readingThere Really Is One World


Diluted and Lukewarm

The status of your faith on the other side of deep doubts and questioning depends partly on the firmness of your foundation. While high-profile Christian leaders have recently been transparent and vocal about leaving their faith, this is not a new issue. The writings of Peter, Paul, and James are full of encouragement when dealing with a conflict of faith. … Continue readingDiluted and Lukewarm

effects of fear

The Lingering Effects of a Spirit of Fear

Embedded in my heart and hidden under the mask of busyness in the form of ministry has been a deep-seated fear of failure. You might think that leading worship teams and speaking truth and love into peoples’ lives week after week would suffocate a spirit of fear, but my fear continued to grow. There was a fear that I would misrepresent God in some way and lead people in the wrong direction. I was afraid of messing up and not meeting the expectations of my job. As I built teams to lead the church, that spirit of fear fed on self-inflicted pressure. I felt that if the teams I poured into failed in any way, it would be as if I failed in an exponentially worse way. … Continue readingThe Lingering Effects of a Spirit of Fear

what does it mean to be saved

What Does It Mean To Be “Saved”

The understanding that saving grace is a free gift from God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is only the beginning of what it means to be a Christian; to be saved. I think that many people do not count the cost of truly following Jesus, resulting in a watered down faith. Looking back on my life, I was pretty waterlogged for a very long time. … Continue readingWhat Does It Mean To Be “Saved”

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