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There Really Is One World

Certain events have a way of changing our perspective on things. The birth of your first child makes you aware of so many more dangers in the world. When your child is old enough to drive and becoming an adult, you start to see her differently. She’ll always be your baby girl though. If you’ve ever been laid off or found yourself unemployed, you’ve seen the world differently than those who have been blessed to have always been employed. Eighteen years have passed. I still have vivid memories of the events as they unfolded on TV. My perspective of the


Diluted and Lukewarm

Have you ever found yourself struggling with what you believe? It might not have been a full-blown existential crisis, but you questioned your faith. Maybe your conversations with peers led you to be more open to ideas that you used to be adamantly against. You’ve experienced a pain that made you question the goodness of God, or even His very existence. It may have even been a dark night of the soul where you couldn’t recognize the presence of God. Those experiences are never easy. The status of your faith on the other side of deep doubts and questioning depends

effects of fear

The Lingering Effects of a Spirit of Fear

Embedded in my heart and hidden under the mask of busyness in the form of ministry has been a deep-seated fear of failure. You might think that leading worship teams and speaking truth and love into peoples’ lives week after week would suffocate a spirit of fear, but my fear continued to grow. There was a fear that I would misrepresent God in some way and lead people in the wrong direction. I was afraid of messing up and not meeting the expectations of my job. As I built teams to lead the church, that spirit of fear fed on self-inflicted pressure. I felt that if the teams I poured into failed in any way, it would be as if I failed in an exponentially worse way. … Continue readingThe Lingering Effects of a Spirit of Fear

what does it mean to be saved

What Does It Mean To Be “Saved”

The understanding that saving grace is a free gift from God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is only the beginning of what it means to be a Christian; to be saved. I think that many people do not count the cost of truly following Jesus, resulting in a watered down faith. Looking back on my life, I was pretty waterlogged for a very long time. … Continue readingWhat Does It Mean To Be “Saved”

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