Tony LaMarca

disciple maker

love GOD, love others

that about sums it up.
chase after GOD first.
love everyone along the way.

make disciples

JESUS said do it.
it’s our part in
growing HIS church.

speak the truth in love

faith comes from hearing,
and hearing through
the word of CHRIST.


Be The Church

What is The Church? I mentioned in my post, The Importance of The Church, that I like to close the services at Crossroads Church – Bridgeville by saying “…be The Church…” but it occurs to me that those words may be an abstract concept to some, if not most. It’s easy to understand what it […]

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worship at church

#BeTheChurch Church is not a place you go on Sunday. It is not a building with a killer worship band and crazy fun kids rooms. Church is not pews or chairs aimed towards a stage where a preacher teaches from GOD’S Word. Church is the Body of Christ. Church is the nation of disciples called […]

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Has anyone ever said something that stuck with you for a long time. You might not have even noticed how it impacted you until months later, and then you remember in an instant those words that branded your heart. I’ve been thinking a lot about something a friend told me when I stopped to visit […]

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image of GOD - church

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of a book that I am currently working on… I think a majority of people have a tendency to see GOD in one of three ways that do not reflect a true image of who He really is. It’s as though we see HIM through the […]

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Like many other parts of my life, my prayer life has gone through different seasons and changes. The prayers of my youth were often centered around my selfish desires. Even that first prayer in kindergarten to ask JESUS into my heart was a fire insurance prayer. I don’t want to burn in hell so I […]

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course corrections

The first course correction came when i left my job of fourteen years at the end of january to embark on a new journey that I felt GOD was calling me on. I heard HIM call me, and i’ve continued to hear HIM call me since my early years in high school. There were seasons […]

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Seamless Succession

Simplifying Church Leadership Transitions

I am so excited for my mentor, Dr. Jay Passavant! His new book, Seamless Succession: Simplifying Church Leadership Transitions, is now available and offers a wealth of wisdom on the subject of church leadership transitions. Pastor Jay’s experience offers a firsthand look at the blessings and transformation that can come with a succession season, proving that a church can actually grow healthier through a time of major leadership change.

Seamless Succession offers a detailed plan with proven concepts for effective transition planning and implementation, proving that the succession process can be a catalyst for overall growth, furthering the end goal ‘to make disciples of all nations’.


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