Spiritual Retreat

On Retreat/On Attack

Spiritual Retreat

I had the privilege of taking a couple of days off this past weekend to go on a bit of a spiritual retreat with a couple of my friends. Leaving friday night and returning sunday evening, we traveled through the heavy fog to one of the most beautiful state parks in Pennsylvania. With a family cabin nearby and amazing weather this weekend, it was the perfect place and time to go.

When telling other friends and coworkers, we got responses indicating that they thought we were just going there to drink, fish, shoot stuff, play poker, and go white water rafting. While we did play cards for a little while saturday night, our purpose for going on this “retreat” was more about going on the offense in our spiritual battle. We went to pray for the people who lead us. We went seek God’s direction for our lives and families in the coming year. We went to hear from God.

I am still decompressing everything that we experienced this weekend and as I do, I want to share some of it with you. I want to say that God “showed up,” but I know that He never left. We just opened up to Him in ways that we might not have if we hadn’t gotten away from out everyday distractions. God spoke to us through prayer, fasting, silence, and experiencing the glory of God through His creation.

Over the course of this week, I will share more about the entire experience:

Normally when I take vacation days on a weekend, something goes wrong. It’s like job security even though the problems never really have anything to do with me being gone. This past weekend was no different as a major piece of equipment died saturday night, and there was a power outage for nearly an hour on sunday morning. You’ll have to check out the Journeymen Podcast later this week for more on that story.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Nicely done Tony! You continue to surprise me.


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