joy comes in the morning

Joy Comes In The Morning

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning? Even though I hit the snooze a few times and try to stay in bed longer, sleep is generally not what’s on my mind. I often wake up with a song playing in my head. Sometimes it’s an old hymn. Other times it’s a new worship song that has helped me connect my heart to God’s. God’s mercy is new every morning, no matter how I may have missed the mark and strayed from His ways the day before. Having a song of

cost of convenience

The Cost of Convenience

The cost of convenience is something that I would bet some companies spent a lot of time and effort trying to formulate. I went to the grocery store early in the morning the other day because we were out of both milk and eggs, and we didn’t have enough pancake mix either. When I got to the register to check out, there were two employees there discussing the cost of the 20 oz. bottles of Pepsi in the display cooler. Apparently they didn’t like the idea of paying $1.79 for a bottle of pop, and even complained about it being too expensive


Trust and Forgiveness

Have you ever had a problem with trusting someone? Whether they did something to break your trust, or never had it in the first place, it can be difficult to establish or reestablish a healthy level of trust. The more intimate your relationship is, the harder it is to rebuild broken trust. When a lack of trust is not addressed, it can quickly lead to other stresses and might ultimately lead to a completely broken relationship. A marriage could end, an employee might resign, or a child might rebel or even run away from home. As a man, I naturally want

Please Wait

It is Not Easy to Wait

No matter how patient you are, an extended wait time is not easy to endure. More and more often, we want things to happen sooner and more quickly. We pay more for faster internet speeds, buy the latest technology that is ten times faster than the model from five years ago, and we microwave our daily intake of leftovers and highly processed foods. The more accustomed to quick and/or instant gratification we get, the harder it gets to wait for anything. Even twenty miles per hour over the speed limit on the highway makes you one of the slowest people

YHWH keeps His promises

God’s Unchanging Promise

Think about this question: How many times have I failed to keep a promise I have made? We are all human, and I’m sure that everyone has broken his or her word at least once. I have even broken many promises that I’ve made to myself. I bought a gym membership because I promised myself that I would go to the gym at least three times per week, but within three months I was having a good week if I even made it once. Sometimes a broken promise is out of our control. Parents often promise their kids that they


The National Day of Prayer was this past week.  A day when we as Christians are supposed to get together and pray.  What I don’t get is why we have a day set aside to do something as a nation that we should already be doing without ceasing.  I understand that corporate prayer has it’s place, but it is one of those things that I have never felt really comfortable in. I think I see a generational trend here as well (most of the people that showed up at my church were 40+).  Other 20-30’s I’ve talked to have the

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