Who I Am

What I do is not who I am. If that were so, I have been many different people. linkedin can tell you all you want to know about what I do.

I love my family and friends, but they are not who I am. facebook is the place you go these days to creep on the family and friends of the people you’re trying trying to figure out.

My life may be a but the blink of an eye, but it cannot be summed up in mere 140 characters. But alas, that is al that twitter allows.

I am loved by GOD. That’s who I am. And I long to chase after HIM in everything that I do. Because of my love for GOD, I try to obey and do HIS will, and so I have three axioms that I try to live by.

love GOD and love others
(matthew 22:36-40)

make disciples
(matthew 28:19-20)

speak the truth in love
(ephesians 4:15)


Every story has a beginning, and my story starts much like many others. I am the second of three children, yet I tend to have qualities from every part of the birth order charts. That may have something to do with the seventeen year gap between my older sister and younger brother. Before I was old enough to know where I lived, my family moved from my sacramento birthplace back to pittsburgh, and eventually to a growing suburb about thirty minutes north of the city.

I grew up in the typical christian home. We went to church all the time. I went to a couple of christian elementary schools and I was actively involved in a couple of church youth groups. Music and an understanding of technology came naturally to me, and so I spent time in middle school and high school doing everything from running lights and sound for school musicals and church events to leading worship at youth group and writing songs.


Growing up in an amazing family and being raised in the church played a large part in shaping who I am. There have also been many events that have served as catalysts for major change in my life. The picture of my past is riddled with mistakes that have left their mark or changed the trajectory of my life completely. I have also experienced a lot of pain through the loss of many family members, including my father.

Looking back on events in my life, I can see how the direction of my life has changed through each one. My first mission trip to costa rica in ninth grade effected the major I would pursue in college. The birth of my first child changed the way I looked at my own life and my relationship with JESUS. The great leaders I have worked under have influenced the way I respond to all kinds of situations. My mentors have all played a part in shaping how I chase after GOD and the calling that HE placed on my heart.

There are so many stories I could tell that would give context to what you may see on the surface of my life. Some of these stories have been written in my blog. Others would require an entire book to explain all of the intricacies while others are short enough for twitter. If you ever want to know more, feel free to ask.


Just like a beginning, every story has an end, and the end the story is really what it is all about. My story is still being written. I often hear or see people trying to figure out what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. They want to leave a mark on the world and feel as though they made a difference. I can understand that, but I honestly don’t care if anyone remembers me when I am gone. I just want to point people towards THE SAVIOR and make disciple makers. If people do remember me, I hope that it only serves to point even more people to JESUS.