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In my quest to better understand myself and how I function in team and leadership settings, I try to take advantage of any opportunity I have to learn through my leaders, peers, and tests or assessments. When I saw the Action & Influence was giving away free assessments and coaching this year, I jumped at the chance to win.

Over the course of a busy week, I had all but forgotten that I entered to win the free assessment and coaching until I saw on Twitter that I had won. This is exciting to me because not only did I get a chance to learn more about myself through the AI assessment, but I also get a free coaching session with John Saddington (,,, this Friday.

The last psychometric test I took was StrengthsFinder 2.0 as a part of the emerging leaders of North Way Christian Community. I’ve taken that test before and just like last time, it matched me pretty well. One of the things that I found to be interesting about the Action & Influence assessment is that it is geared more towards work as a team rather than just understanding your strengths.

I was impressed with how well the Action & Influence assessment matched me. I honestly thought my relational score would have been more on the insulated side than the empathetic, but I quickly realized that I was assessed correctly when I read the description of the “negotiator.” I can’t wait for my coaching session with John. I’m sure much more will be learned that I will share with you here.

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